Site speed issues 2 – WPRocket etc

This posting is inspired by Ben’s posting on Elementor website, regarding speeding up Elementor web site.

This posting requires some writing and image editing, so this is just a teaser (and a reminder to me to finish this thing). Actually, I’ve already done the tests and optimizations – and I think I have something pretty interesting to tell.

The meaning of this post here is not to belittle Elementor’s or WP Rocket’s views and capabilities – they are quite alright, and they serve their point.

In my article, though, I will be showing, that with some time and effort, you’ll get your results using totally free extensions.

Of course, not anyone will know how, or care, or have time for it. That’s where a commercial, and quite easy and in-expensive, Rocket plugin plays a role. Yeah, I would like to have one Rocket too.

But here we go.

Here’s the scores A & Z

Below is a GTMetrix PageSpeed final score for a WP-Rocket’s Elementor test page, presented in which, by the way, is a good article on page speed issues in general too.

For now I’ll skip the details and explanations, which IMO really are fruitful and most useful, but just present the final score of a similarly composed web page NOT using a commercial cache plugin and running on a budget web server, in which some important speed enhancements are disabled.

In my  GTMetrix testings I tried to emulate Rocket’s web page design and server’s plugin situation as far as I could.  Even so, I think, that even in testings, I still had way more plugins active than Rocket had in their testings. The ‘web page design’ similarities referring to approximately same amount and pixel area of images, although mine, I think, are a bit better optimized. The use of .js and .css is approximated to the same. Rocket didn’t have Analytics activated, as I did not either, in my testings.

Pretty nice, huh? In fact my numbers may relatively be quite a bit better than WPR’s in these GTM scores, but I’ll tell you later.

If, by any chance, you now want to check my page and it’s speed, the address is .
But before you make your tests, do know, that now I’ve turned back on some plugins, like Analytics and Twitter, and some more, which definitely again slow down my page speed.

That site is relatively large, and I do have to take care of other things too, than just this speed test page, you know.

Some key points or differences

  1. WPRocket’s web server is reportedly located in France, while mine is located in a lot further, in Finland.
  2. I have 1-2 more images on the test page that WPR, but I think they are better optimized. The approximated image pixel area is about the same.
  3. I have a very mediocre (probably US-based) CDN in use, while WPR uses their server.
  4. I think I have a somewhat more JS on my test page.
  5. There are some speed related settings on my budget web host, which are un-desireable, and which I cannot alter – unless using their pricier packages.

The rest follows…

I’ll leave this posting now to this. I’ll be back with more details.



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