Koo1.fi in progress

In Koo1 sites development and production are tightly linked and intertwined.
So all the time, and in every site, you will see things changing, developing etc. And all this quite publicly.
These all sites are at the same time development and production sites.

Feature development list

In this particular koo1.fi site, the next items in the long feature development list are

  • Portfolio page.
    • Content: to constantly and urgently update it is one thing.
    • Structure: how to present the contents. There are pros and cons in one way or another.
      Now, all the different categories and items of varying relevancies and importancies are wildly mixed.
      This can be refreshing and colourful, but also a big nuisance.
    • I wonder, and I am curious of: how much would a new sorting category Relevance (in 3, 4, or 5 steps) would help?
      Maybe this way Portfolio’s most important items would be better placed, and still we’d have variety.
      At least would be better than the present quite silly artificial manipulation of dates.
    • Now, especially  mobile presentation needs some work. I think especially in this UI portfolio should be simplified.
    • FYI: more portfolio or reference kind of things can be found in wallpress.koo1.fi .
  • Finnish page(s) need some work. And translation.
  • Now, that I’ve tested some new element choices in Finnish pages, some of those solutions could be applied to English pages too.
  • Yes, I have this Yoast SEO here too…Let’s be honest: for now I’ve used maybe 5% of it’s potential. Time to be more public is later.

But mostly, my present developmental challenges are outside of this plain koo1.fi.
There’s so much marketing and other sites and things I need to do.


Updated the orange Blog header bar.
I have light jpg-versions, and slighly better, but 100-150 kb heavier, png-versions. This time now I’ll go with a certain light one.

The featured image is originally from Unsplash, then watercolorized in Portra, and then somewhat further edited.



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