I really should cut down the jargon here

Oh, so much talk here on some of these pages. I don’t know…it feels kind of embarrassing nowadays.

Okay, I have done quite a lot of various things in my history. Some are quite good, clever, or whatever.

But as of now… – I don’t know.

Earlier one year ago I was very industrious here on these sites and pages, changing my web host and tech, but now for quite some time I’ve done about just the minimal. I’ve kept up with WordPress updates, and  I’ve kept paying for some pro extensions but that’s about it.

And client wise I’ve done nearly anything, just a few simple things, nothing  remarkable.

Really, nowadays, I consider myself as an ex in this and that. I feel kind of old and not-so-passionate anymore. Oh well.

But some dev&design things I still do, or I’ve done recently

For some personal interests or agendas I’ve made a couple of web sites during the last year. Sometimes I help some friends with something.
Sometimes I get inspired by some graphic design, which I imitate and learn-by-doing, like this Affinity Designer study below, which originally is Nora Toth’s design, which I liked very much.

But mostly I’ve started to accept, that the more ambitious projects are for the younger and the hungrier.
And one thing, that’s very much changed from “my days” is the web business itself and altogether.
I’ll tell you more later, maybe.

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