DesignK1 is now published

Now it’s time to publish this site. I know, there are some tiny things, I might say flaws still present, but not too obvious ones, I hope.

Someone may disagree with some decisions I’ve made somewhere along the line, but those choices are on purpose and after quite a lot of thinking and planning.

Things, that I’m still working on, are:

  • Finnish pages, which will be very simplified, maybe even just one page. They somewhat exist already, but not public yet.
  • Those GPDR texts need some finishing, although not much needed here, as this is actually DesignK1 Lite, which only sets plain Analytics cookies and nothing more.

DesignK1 Lite

The differences between DesignK1 Lite and DesignK1, shortly put, are integrations and features.

  • Full DesignK1 is integrated to my HubSpot CRM service via Chat, (so clicking Chat here in Lite K1, you’ll end up in Full K1)
  • Full K1 is also integrated to my Slack channel and Mailchimp mailing list via contact forms and newsletter sign ups.
  • Also, in the full version there are functional but hidden WooCommerce webshop, EDD digital downloads system, and a couple of booking systems. These are available to certain user groups, or registered users.

The reasons to separate these two are: this DesignK1 Lite is faster in download times, and this is also minimal in cookie settings.

In here Lite you’d still get quite a good view of what’s going on, and what this site, and K1 is about.

— Teemu —


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