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Here’s more detailed info.  Services.  Our full stack.

WordPress, Joomla or HTML. Even some other website platforms. It’s up to you. And it  depends on the case. Cases and goals are different, tools are different. Full work, turn-key delivery with domain registration, hosting and the rest, or a face-lift to a present site. Technical problem solving, speed and SEO optimization issues. Security, of course. There are certain solutions I trust. Integrations to other marketing, CRM or workgroup systems, such as MailChimp, HubSpot or Slack. And more. Connections to social media services, you all know which. In and out. Banner, or social media ads, if you need to promote your site. Email campaigns via global cloud services,  or locally via such extensions such as AcyMailing. This all means: pretty much anything you can think of. Anything you need to set up, change, move, or enhance a web site.
Magazine and newspaper ads… Leaflets, handouts, brochures… Business cards, coupons..stands, banners, menus… Pretty much anything printable you can think of.
Other graphics. Logos, website elements, illustrations etc. I’m not saying, that I’m the best iilustrator, nor that it’s my main focus, but I can quickly produce something nice, when needed. More in portfolio.
Yes, photos too. I myself am not a professional photographer, but I still can deliver and develop quite nice, quick and relatively cost-effective decent photos right on the spot. Depending on the case at hand, there are many options and possibilities. Simple shoots right on location, as we meet, plus instant editing and delivery. Even some studio-like shoots can be done on location. Or more action-like photos. For larger or more complex sets there are various options.

Last but not least…Here’s some words of these things.

Well, I ran my own web server from 1995 to 2006/2008. At some point I had about 90+ clients and 110+ domains.

The system consisted of  Apple computer(s) with WebStar server software,  FileMaker database and Lasso.acgi solutions. I also ran my DNS and mail servers for some time.

The main business idea, besides selling just server space, was to deliver quite extensive database solutions. These included my own full CMS solutions Intrex and Dorix, quite large and versatile business solutions for SeaCompanion, a webshop for Prendimi as early as 1996 etc.
Lots and lots of smaller solutions, even for sites on other servers.

Especially to mention is a real-time fund subscription system for Aurator Varainhoto Oy / Aurator Asset Management.

Many or some of those solutions were no eezy-beezies, but I knew my FileMaker very well, and I did have some advantages.

For years after that I served my closest and biggest customers as a hosting reseller via Louhi. Those years I also started building websites on Joomla, but also later learned some Magento, Drupal, etc. And early on around 2008  I had many WordPress sites on my server too.

Back then, though, I chose Joomla as my main platform. Nowadays the main playgound obviously is WordPress.

All my years since 1995 (and even before that)  I have been an IT consultant also.
There are some big references, and lots of smaller ones – just to give you a hint, that there’s quite a lot of history in the past.

Recent years I’ve worked  in Win 7 / Win 10 environments as IT support. Besides being a freelancer doing this and that

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