About this

About this

Now it’s time to publish this site


I know, there are some tiny things, I might say flaws still present, but not too obvious ones, I hope.

Someone may disagree with some decisions I’ve made somewhere along the line, but those choices are on purpose and after quite a lot of thinking and planning.

Things, that I’m still working on, are:

  • Finnish pages, which will be very simplified, maybe even just one page. They exist, but not public yet.
  • Those GPDR texts need some finishing, although not much needed here, as this is actually DesignK1 Lite, which only sets plain Google Analytics and reCAPTCHA cookies and nothing more.
  • And there’s going to be a small Blog here, too. Or bigger, I do’t know yet. Maybe with some user restrictions.


This is DesignK1 Lite

The differences between DesignK1 Lite and DesignK1, shortly put, are integrations and features.

  • Full DesignK1 is integrated to my HubSpot CRM service via Chat, (so clicking Chat here in Lite K1, you’ll end up in Full K1)
  • Full K1 is also integrated to my Slack channel and Mailchimp mailing list via contact forms and newsletter sign ups.
  • Also, in the full version there are functional but hidden WooCommerce webshop, EDD digital downloads system, and a couple of booking systems. These are available to certain user groups, or registered users.

The reasons to separate these two are: this DesignK1 Lite is a lot faster in download times, and Lite is also minimal in cookie settings.

In here Lite you’d still get quite a good view of what’s going on, and what this site, and K1 is about.

— Teemu —


Lemminkäisenkatu 17 B 53, 20520 Turku


+358 (0)44 2434 781


teemu[at]koo1.fi / temequu[at]gmail.com