About Chat on this site

Having  a Chat option on this site is nice, useful and a good service. But, having a chat on this site, means this:

  1. This site must contact the Chat server. In my case here, the chat is provided by HubSpot, which is a great CRM.
  2. In order to communicate with HubSpot, this site must use cookies. Even when NOT on a specific chat page.
  3. Communicating with HubSpot, even when NOT on a chat page, slows down the site. This impact depends on many variables.
  4. When on a specific chat page, the slowing down impact is obviously greater. This impact depends on many variables, too.

Now a short comparison with GTMetrix statistics.

This site’s Designer Light page score with GTMetrix  with NO HubSpot chat installed in the system at all.

Now the same Designer Light page, when the HubSpot chat plugin is installed, and defined on another page than this.

GTMetrix score with chat installed

And this is a very positive score. Normally, I think, the chat would slow down much more. And I emphasize: chat function is not on this Designer Light page.

Now, when we turn to actual chat page, which in this case now is Designer, which already by default is somewhat slower than Light, we get these less desireable scores:

Now what to do. Well, I already earlier did this. This was just for a test, and to justify my decision.

Chat service available, but on a subdomain

So that is why, relating to cookies and slowness, the chat service is provided on a subdomain, https://ocean.koo1.fi – that’s where the Chat buttons lead you. Only those, who would like to use the great HubSpot chat, have to wait a while and put up with some more cookies. Others don’t.

Now removing HubSpot chat on this site. And so the Designer page score will also return to back to more “normal”.




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